Bias Reduction in Internal Medicine (BRIM) Workshops completed

In conjunction with the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Lynn Cornelius (DOM Study PI) and the DOM Office of Inclusion and Diversity completed the Bias Reduction in Internal Medicine (BRIM) workshops in April 2021.  The BRIM Initiative offered the opportunity to help our DOM faculty “break the bias habit” and align their judgments and behaviors with their explicit commitments to be fair and objective.  Over the course of 2 years, all divisions in our department were offered an interactive workshop with 3 modules:

  1. Implicit bias as a habit
  2. Becoming bias literate: If you name it, you can tame it
  3. Evidence-based strategies to break the bias habit.

We would like to thank the BRIM implementers and Division Leads who helped present and organize these workshops.

BRIM Implementers:
Joe Pangelinan
Lisa de las Fuentes
Angeline DeiSanti
Joel Dalton
Erin Stampp,
Dominique Cosco
Cynthia Herrick
Jennifer Mosher
Steven Lawrence
Sherree Wilson

BRIM Division Leads:
Allergy & Immunology – Maya Jerath
Cardiology/Cardiovascular Diseases – Sharon Cresci and Lisa de las Fuentes
Dermatology – Cristina Strong and Kara Sternhell-Blackwell
Endocrinology, Metabolism and Lipid Research – Anne Goldberg
Gastroenterology – Deborah Rubin
General Medical Sciences – Jane Garbutt
General Medicine – Rahkee Bhayani
Geriatrics and Nutrition – Lenise Cummings-Vaughn
Hematology – Amy Zhou
Hospitalist Medicine – Wenners Ballard and Myra Rubio
Infectious Diseases – Hilary Babcock
Nephrology – Will Ross
Oncology – George Ansstas
Palliative Care – Maria Dans
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine– Chad Witt
Rheumatology – Christine Pham