Education Committee

Tony Dao, MD – Chair

The Education Committee addresses the training of faculty, trainees, and staff around core principles regarding LGBTQIA+ health to promote respect for persons, decrease implicit bias and microaggressions, and increase visibility of LGBTQIA+ health issues.   

Current projects: 

  • Partnering with LGBTQmed and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) to create mini, just-in-time LGBTQ-learning modules 
  • Create standardized LGBTQIA+ training module, partnering with residency programs to offer to their residents 
  • Grand Rounds in the Department of Medicine 
  • LGBTQIA+ Health Week (in partnership with LGBTQ+med) 
Community Committee

Will Johansen, MD – Chair

The Community Committee interfaces with the Washington University School of Medicine and the St Louis community.  Its goal is to increase the visibility of OUTmed, its constituents, and LGBTQIA+ policies and issues. 

Current Projects: 

  • Volunteer with the Spot each Tuesday 
  • Volunteer at Pride Festival St Louis 
  • Create and participate in social networking events 
Recruitment Committee

Pouya Joolharzadeh, MD – Chair

The Recruitment Committee focuses on creating visibility, providing resources, and increasing recruitment, retainment, and promotion of LGBTQIA+ faculty, trainees, and staff.   

Current Projects: 

  • Created an OUTmed slide for residency and faculty recruitment 
  • Hosting Special Event nights for the Internal Medicine Residency Program and Department of Medicine Fellowships Interview 
  • Sent recommendations to the Graduate Medical Education Committee regarding best LGBTQIA+ recruitment practices and currently available OUTmed resources 
  • Working on implementing SO/GI data collection throughout the School of Medicine 
Mentorship Committee

Meghan Campbell, PhD – Chair

The Mentorship Committee runs the OUTmentor Program and its associated programming.  The program was open to MD faculty, trainees, and students from 2017-2020, and it expanded to the PhD programs in 2021. 

Current Projects: 

  • Expansion to PhD programs for 2021-2022 
  • Creating new benchmarks for mentorship families 
  • Creating programming involving mentorship, coaching, and sponsorship for group families 
Research Committee

Joseph Cherabie, MD, MBA – Chair

The Research Committee aims to increase visibility of LGBTQIA+ research, foster collaboration, and connect students with faculty mentors.

Current Projects:

  • Working on publishing 2019 SO/GI Workforce Data
  • Creating an inventory of existing projects and researchers working on LGBTQIA+ research
  • Capturing SO/GI data on surveys and in the Department of Medicine
Policy and Advocacy Committee

Eric Ricker, OD – Chair

This committee is brand new and will focus on Washington University School of Medicine policies, St Louis policies, and statewide policies.