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Ramzi Abboud, MD

Assistant Professor

Jennifer Alexander-Brett, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Chronic lung disease, Immunology, Lung Transplant

Kari Allen, PhD

Assistant Professor

Human Anatomy, Primate Comparative Anatomy, Paleoanthropology

Beau Ances, MD, PhD, MSc


HIV, Alzheimer disease, Down syndrome, Paraneoplastic disease, post acute sequelae of COVID, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Randi Anderson

Research Tech II

Nusayba Bagegni, MD

Assistant Professor

Maria Baggstrom, MD

Associate Professor

Jeremy Beshears, BSW

Expanded HIV Testing Coordinator

Catherine Betz

Senior Content Strategist

Idella Bledsoe

Supervisor Clinical Operations

Daniel Castro, PhD

Assistant Professor

My laboratory studies the neurobiological mechanisms of affect and motivation. We use a combination of pharmacology, genetics, in vivo calcium imaging, CRISPR-Cas9, and neuroanatomy to identify how select brain circuits generate or modulate affective evaluation. We also develop next-generation technology, particularly related to the use of wireless devices for behavioral neuroscience research.

Jaebok Choi, PhD

Assistant Professor

Sade Clayton, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Laura Courtney

Research Lab Manager

Genomics, Genetics, Diversity in STEM

Joel Dalton

Coordinator of Diversity and Student Affairs

Qualitative Research in Higher Education
Sense of Belonging for QTSoC (Queer and Trans Students of Color) at PHWIs (Predominantly and Historically White Institutions)

Kristin Daly

Nurse Practitioner